Monday, November 7, 2016

"We want boys to learn self-control." Hmmmm. Dave Brown reviews "alternatives to school" See his video

"We want boys to learn self-control."  

Learn reading by studying video games

Learn math by doing sports statistics

How well do home-schooled kids do on tests?

There are rules...


"There are rules.  You must sign in and sign out.
You need to do a chore."

93% of teachers believe that the Visual, Auditory and Kinetic learning methods are important.
"Bunch of crap"

(Richard Clark agrees)

Dave Brown makes a summary in under 30 seconds of the Learning Styles debate.  See Minute 11.

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Missing: usc

See Richard Clark's presentation.


Here is the SLIDESHARE by J Holden

Dave Brown is the King of Education Rap Songs and "ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH ABOUT SCHOOLS"

"I'm the King of Education Rap Songs"
(yes, he is)

The current school systems are improving the student's anti-social skills

"Lecturing is less effective than active learning."  (Minute 11)

The Power of One Click
Yes, you can click HERE and add a comment and a LIKE

"Are you glad that you attended an alternative school?"

See Minute 17

I wasn't sure about the school...