Saturday, November 5, 2016

A List of Contributors and Blog Administrators (ADD TO THIS LIST)

There are more people on the list of members of the Royal Academy of Sciences.  
There are more members in the prestigious National Science Foundation.
The number of editors and administrators on this blog can be counted on one person's hands and feet.

1.  Adding more information.
2.  Sharing the blog's link wherever you can:
3.  Whatever you want to do.   You were selected because you have helped spread awareness of Postman's book.   Keep doing what you have been doing.


1.  You can make comments and you can contact the poster.   Please do not erase any part of a blog post.
2.  You don't have to do anything.
3.  You are invited to make suggestions
4.  You are invited to post additional articles.
5.  If you do not like what is 
6.  You are invited not to resign.  Even if you simply just recommend that your colleagues and people on your email list visit the blog, you are serving a purpose.
7.  You can always resign, but why not spread a post with some of your contacts?   If you are a teacher, please report how you use the Postman questions.

You can share the list of postman questions

These people have expressed in some way a positive support for Neil Postman's ideas.   
These people are trusted with promoting and extending and improving Neil Postman's suggetsions for subversive teaching.

If you believe you are a fan of Postman and you would like to share the joy, burden and responsibility for re-invigorating interest in the Postman questions, please apply for membership in this "Club of Editors of the 50 Years Blog" by calling +1 954 646 8246.


Dr. Dodge posted a remarkable article with the title of Postman's book.  He has done more in the last 20 years to spread awareness of Postman's book than any person writing in the English world.

Dennis Yuzenas:  For his work as a teacher-mentor and for introducing teachers to the book by Postman.
John Millington (send me your address so I can send you an invitation):  Teacher-trainer who included Postman's book in a university course.
Wes Green:  For his work supporting a school that clearly includes the soul of the Postman book in its procedures.   European Leadership School
Omar Vasile:  For his work with projects.  See the Youtube Videos
Arvind Gupta:  for posting an ebook copy of TAASA for people to download. Noel Thompson:  For his work supporting the John Corlette Society, who clearly created a school that anticipated some of  issues raised by Postman.
Will Sutherland:  For his work creating and sustaining the European Leadership School...  QBE
Matthew J. Blazek:  For his work with projects.  see his video at and his free ebook
Mario J. Llorente Leyva:  For his work as a translator (Littky's book, for his work as a teacher and his use of the BOISE WORKBOOK, and for spreading the word of subversive teaching through Latin America with the Facebook page

Dr. Marco Antonio Moreira
His article in Spanish deserves recognition for keeping people aware of Neil Postman.   (Note to Dr.  Moreira:  Did you ever put the Postman questions to your students?  If so, what were some memorable answers?  What happened to your class's culture and environment before and after you distributed the questions?)
Podemos, a fin de cuentas, aprender sólo en relación con lo que ya sabemos. Contrariamente al sentido común, eso significa que si no sabemos mucho, nuestra capacidad de aprender no es muy grande. Esta idea – por sí sola – implica un gran cambio en la mayoría de las metáforas que dirigen las políticas y los procedimientos de las escuelas. (Postman y Weingartner, 1969, p. 62)
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