Thursday, November 3, 2016

To learn more about Postman and "better schools," and how to encourage "inquiry education," go to Brain Pickings

I typed in "better schools" in a search of the archives of Brain Pickings and found this article that summarizes some of Bertrand Russell's advice.


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One of her pieces in Brain Pickings covers QUESTIONS.   Some of the highlighted questions show that kids naturally ask questions.   Postman simply wants teachers to give students the freedom, permission, opportunity, space to ask questions.

I have invited Maria Popova to do one of her articles about TAASA.  I recommend her blog for summarizing important materials.




Does my goldfish know who I am?

I could close this online conference now.  All we need to do is buy these two books and bring them into our classrooms.  Maria Popova has hit on a terrific procedure for encouraging "inquiry education."

My email to Maria:

Dear Ms. Popova,

An online conference has started to celebrate "50 years of subversive teaching."  I wonder if your column could do one of your "summaries" of Neil Postman's book.  I have attempted to show the partipants that Brain Pickings is a source of valuable summaries related to "how do we use the dramatic and practical proposals" offered by Postman?   I look forward to your participation.

Steve McCrea