Thursday, November 3, 2016

The last paragraph of a 2005 article about Postman's work (by Svein Østerud)

 Inspired by John Dewey´s aphorism “learning by doing”, Postman argues that we learn through trial and error, and that no fact can evade critical scrutiny. The challenge to the students is to find out who has produced these facts, how he arrived at them, why they are regarded as important, and by whom. Only through this kind of scrutiny will the students learn how facts and truth change, depending on the circumstances under which they were produced and described. Thus Postman takes exception to the content fixation of the literacy concept, such as it shows itself in the “cultural literacy” movement. “The end of education”, as Postman sees it, is to develop the students´ critical scepticism, thereby enabling them to participate in a competent way to the reproduction of our culture, or – to use Postman´s own words – to be part of the Great Conversation. In this book Postman gives the concept of literacy a communicative dimension which – ironically enough – makes it well-suited to embark on a fresh and unbiased analysis of the cultural significance of the media.


                                                                                                           Svein Østerud 

To find the full article, search "neil postman norway" and you'll see the first link

Suggested procedure.   
1) Post these words in a classroom.  
2) Ask students to create posters that will draw attention to these words and 
3) then move the viewer to visit the conference or download the ebook.

An example of a poster (created on in less than 5 minutes)