Thursday, November 3, 2016

Neill, author of Summerhill, gives a formula for success in education. "If every kid in the world could call his teacher Orange Peel, or an equivalent..." (from his book)

A Note about the Title

Years ago, Hetney, a little boy at Summerhill, went round muttering to himself:

“Neill! Neill! Orange Peel!” The phrase caught on and has lived for more than twenty-five years. To this day, small children follow me around chanting the words, and my usual reaction is: “Wrong again. Not orange peel—banana peel.”

I have selected this rhyme as the title of my autobiography, because it sums up my life with children; indeed, it might be the motto for Summerhill, if we believed in mottoes.

These words tell the whole story of my school and my life. They show how the gulf between generations can be bridged—or rather abolished—for they do not connote cheek or hate: they mean love; they mean equality. If every kid in the world could call his teacher Orange Peel, or an equivalent, my mail would not be filled with letters beginning:   “I hate my school; can I come to Summerhill?”

See the full book here

Another procedure

Can students be persuaded to get into the feet and ears of their audience?

I call myself Steve because "Stephan" could be "Stephanie" or "Stephane" or "Stefan" -- it gets confusing.   Is McCrea  "mc CREE" or "mc CRAY AH" or is it spelled MacCrae?

IT's so simple:  "Mr. Steve."   

This also means that I might not pronounce "eun Yon" perfectly and I might suggest that you call yourself "Hannah" or "Betty" or "Jessica."

What is your "radio name"?  What is your name for the telephone?

Debbie Ellis was not the birth name of a radio personality.

Debbie E might be another way to call herself.

What name will you choose for yourself so that it's easier for people to write down your name?
Your name can be flexible with your audience.
When I'm speaking with students from Mexico, I'm Esteban.   
Faith Popcorn (born as Faith Plotkin)[1] is a futurist, author, and founder and CEO of marketing consulting firm BrainReserve. 
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