Friday, November 4, 2016

"Stupidity is curable." Neil Postman explains why he wrote an article titled "Educationist as a Painkiller"

If their sentences are not being effective and are not producing the desired results, we can identify why this is so.   What would happen if teachers thought of themselves as people whom others come to for a remedy the way that people go to a doctor?   That's why I called the article "Educationist as a Painkiller."    The remedy is how not to be stupid.

Note:  This is a valuable clip for students, teachers and parents.  It is difficult to find a video clip of the author of "teaching as a subversive activity" talking about elements from that book.   This is the first video clip that I've found that isn't focused on media or "amusing ourselves to death."  THANK YOU.  This clip will help the online conference to celebrate "50YearsofSubversiveTeaching."     The focus is on "curing stupidity."   "let's learn from doctors and teach students how to cure stupidity."   GREAT LINE.

The article ends with this paragraph: