Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What can make a classroom more engaging and interesting? Turn the class into a newspaper. Publish a newspaper once a week (on a blog or website) and issue updates daily via twitter or other methods. Create a broadcast station. Ask students to digest and republish news

The atmosphere of a school is so important, and all of the issues I’ve discussed here are equally important to the creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere. When all of these things are present, a school becomes like a great newspaper office, bustling with excitement, everyone busy and engaged, working together and working on their own projects with purpose and passion.
The typical school principal pats his or her belly with satisfaction and smiles proudly when he or she walks through silent halls. To me, a silent school is not a school at all. Dewey has great stuff to say on this. First: “The nonsocial character of the traditional school is seen in the fact that it erected silence into one of its prime virtues.”6 But even better, he says, “Enforced quiet and acquiescence prevent pupils from disclosing their real natures.”
Dennis Littky, The Big Picture page 53

What can make a classroom more engaging?
What if it really becomes a NEWSROOM (as Dennis Littky describes in A Big Picture)

What if studnets and teachers post the best news that they received each day?

That woudl qualify as READING
SYNTHESIS (create a daily report to the editor)
PRODUCTION Of a newspaper or summary of the news for the rest of the school.

What if students collected and filtered through 30 or 50 or 90 email summaries each week?

What newsletters are on your list of "MOST IMPORTANT NEWSLETTERS"?
Or how about Twitter feeds?

Sciences and History
Smithsonian Magazine
Discover Magazine
National Geographic

Wall Street Journal
Financial Times of London

50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs |

Other magazines
The New Yorker

Magazines by subscription (wiki list)

NY Times
LA Times
Washington Post
Boston Herald?
Times of London

CNN Student News -
CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes.

Sports Illustrated

Can you put each of these titles into a category?
Which of these would you want to look at at least once a year?

I want to see The Atlantic and Harper's  (I love to read the Harper's Index)

compare these magazines with
the magazines in other countries

Writers about marketing and the future
Seth Godin

Author Blogs  from

Fast Company's newsletters